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Promotion menu is now available for our White Label partners.

Posted: December 1, 2015

Promotional support is now available for our White Label partners.

New partnership with Metropages Inc. in New York.

Posted: November 5, 2015

LCO-Creation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Metropages Inc.

New partnership with ZETS INTELLIGENCE FACTORY LTD. in Hong Kong.

Posted: September 1, 2015

LCO-Creation is pleased to announce a new partnership with ZETS INTELLIGENCE FACTORY LTD.

New partnership with, Inc. in Hawaii.

Posted: July 23, 2015

LCO-Creation is pleased to announce a new partnership with, Inc.

Travel tech startup LCO-Creation Singapore secures Series A funding from Digital Garage

Posted: June 4, 2015

Singapore, June xx, 2015 - LCO-Creation Singapore (Co-Founder & CEO: Yuki Hiraki, Co-Founder & COO: Saki Kobayashi, LCO) has secured a Series A funding from Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE JASDAQ: 4819, DG), an internet company in Japan, and has entered into a strategic partnership with DG. Through this investment from DG, LCO intends to strengthen its cooperative relationship with DG and provide technical support to jointly provide a platform for international travel apps for loyalty programs in Japan. Loyalty programs will be able to deploy custom apps by adding a variety of information that meets their needs to the platform. These apps lead to a new business development and marketing opportunities for client programs which can provide their members on travel with a variety of services and information pertaining to sightseeing locations inside and outside of Japan such as tourist information, exclusive campaigns, offline maps, optional tours, and membership point services.

Through this capital and business alliance, LCO will provide technical support to develop dedicated smartphone apps that fit the characteristics and services of DG’s client loyalty programs and disseminate LCO's abundant travel guide information (containing approximately 8,000 entries on 55 cities in 31 countries around the world) to the members, Japanese tourists, and foreign-based Japanese workers through the apps. In addition, the two parties will develop O2O (online to offline) models to increase users' app usage and store visits while traveling abroad by offering promotional campaigns where users can receive exclusive preferential services and bonus points/mileage on sightseeing, shopping, and lodging offered at destinations with high traveler spending. As the number of incoming tourists expected to rise toward 2020 in Japan, the two parties have begun developing business models to provide tourist information owned by local governments in Japan to meet the increasing inbound demands.

Service Features
• Offline access to tourist information and search for local maps and directions in 55 cities in 31 countries.
By installing this app, users can view approximately 8,000 entries of sightseeing guide information on 55 cities in 31 countries around the world. With the GPS functions on their smartphones, users can not only view maps, but also can locate their current positions and search for directions even when they are offline.
• Plan and offer member-exclusive promotions for individual cities
  The programs that introduce these apps will be able to plan preferential services and contents exclusive to the members of their loyalty programs. The app's designs and features can be customized to meet the needs of a program provider.
• Customize O2O models for bonus point/mileage accumulation on app use at international destinations
  A program provider can add a list of stores where users can receive bonus points/mileage in order to increase their visits to these stores and promote sales.

About DG
DG focuses mainly on 3 business domains: startup incubation, marketing and promotion, and online payment businesses. In digital marketing field, DG provides a variety of solutions for activating and monetizing the usages of credit cards and e-money to its client loyalty/mileage programs. By taking advantage of its expertise nurtured over the years on card usage promotions in Japan and its global network for this joint effort, DG will support a wide range of marketing activities for client loyalty programs on a global scale.

Company Name: Digital Garage, Inc.
Date of Establishment: August 17, 1995
Representative: President and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi

About LCO
LCO developed and manages "Travel Door", a mobile app that provides travelers with useful information and services while traveling. Utilizing the technology LCO has developed through Travel Door, the company also provides white label solutions for businesses. Established in August 2012, LCO is a travel technology company funded by TechCube8, a Singapore based-VC, and Singapore's NRF (National Research Foundation).

Company Name: LCO-Creation Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Date of Establishment: August 1, 2012
Representatives: Co-founder & CEO: Yuki Hiraki, Co-founder & COO: Saki Kobayashi

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