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"Creating life changing opportunities"

To create "life-changing opportunities" for people and societies
worldwide and to co-create a platform to put this into practice.


In-destination mobile and backend solution provider for travel industry. From mobile development and data analysis to monetization.

About LCO

LCO is a travel technology company established in August 2012. It is funded by TechCube8 and Singapore’s NRF (National Research Foundation). Based in Singapore’s startup hub Block71, also known as BLK 71, we are expanding our business in the Asian market, primarily focusing on Japan.

Product / Technology

LCO developed and manages “TravelDoor”, a mobile app that provides travelers with useful information and services while traveling. Utilizing the technology we have developed through TravelDoor, we also provide white label solutions for businesses.

Global Partners

By partnering up with listed companies in Japan, LCO aims to provide services to transform outbound and inbound travel for Japan. LCO also offers a co-branded app with Skyscanner, one of the leading global travel search sites. LCO’s global partnership includes networks with local publishers in over twenty cities in Asia, Oceania and Europe.


LCO’s core members are a group of diverse individuals who come from various business backgrounds; they include former engineers at large corporations including NTT Communications, DeNA and Baidu, as well as a former startup CTO. Our curiosity makes us strive to think of new techniques and create new business opportunities.



Yuki Hiraki

Co-founder & CEO

A passionate backpacker who has traveled to over thirty countries, Yuki has always felt a strong need for a convenient travel guide. Prior to co-founding LCO, Yuki was a project manager at NTT Communications. Before joining NTT, he was a researcher of a program that aimed to optimize solar power generation which was backed by Ministry of Education. He was also an early member of a web advertisement startup. Yuki holds a master's degree in Science and Engineering from Chuo University, Japan.

Saki Kobayashi

Co-founder & COO

Saki, also a passionate backpacker, has always felt that traveling should be a “life-changing” experience for everyone. Prior to co-founding LCO, she helped with the overseas expansion at NTT Communications. Before joining NTT, she led global partnership development at a BOP startup and founded a water and sanitation organization for villages in Cambodia. Saki holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Waseda University, Japan.


VP of Engineering(SEA)

Janice is a full stack developer, specializing in Web and Mobile Applications. She currently leads Android development at LCO. Prior to joining LCO, she was a Systems Specialist with the Singapore government before striking it out on her own as a freelancer. She loves travelling and hopes to visit Japan soon.

Li Yang

VP of Engineering(Japan and China)

Yang leads iOS/ Server development and maintenance. Prior to joining LCO, he was a software engineer for Baidu, and was part of the development team of Baidu’s popular Japanese keyboard app “Simeji.” He holds a Master’s Degree on Engineering.

Takeshi Uemura

Head of Technical Sales & Partnership

Prior to joining LCO, he was a hardware engineer for Fujitsu, where he obtained a patent for a differential signal that is used in cellphone circuit. He holds a Master’s Degree on Electric and Information System Engineering.

Shawn Karan

Senior UI/UX Designer

Shawn leads UI/UX at LCO. Prior to joining LCO, he played a creative key role in five Singaporean companies and developed experience in UI/UX there as well.


An offline travel app which brings you life changing opportunities.


LCO’s mobile app “TravelDoor” helps travelers gather local travel information and enables them to navigate themselves around the city without having to access the internet. We also offer coupons, tour packages, and other helpful features for travelers. Our app has been widely recognized as a useful tool for travelers. We are also currently developing additional features such as a concierge service and loyalty system.

Download App

Available on both iOS and Android devices.

White Label Solutions For Travel Industries

~From mobile development and data analysis to monetization scheme~


We provide our channels/contents/engineering techniques to corporates as a part of our OEM business. We mainly propose the OEM business partnership to local tour agents and publishing companies.

<Example 1>
You can offer loyalty programs and customer support services through a fully rebranded travel app that is under your company’s name. By providing your customers with an informative and convenient travel app, you can further encourage your customers to use your bank’s credit cards while traveling overseas. You can also generate revenue by combining travel search engines with basic travel content.

<Example 2>
By creating an offline travel app under your own brand name, you will be able to utilize content and travel information to its fullest potential. Our white label app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Users can access your content and can even use maps and navigation without any network connection. Furthermore, in order to gain more exposure, you can choose to display your content on other white label apps via user sharing. This way, you can promote your destination without extra marketing costs.

There are qualifications to be met for OEM partnership.
For more information, please contact

Latest News

What's happening with us

August 14, 2017

Notice of Office Relocation

We are pleased to inform you that with effect from 14th August 2017, our company has been relocated to new building as follows address for further business expansion:

New address: 2 Science Park Drive, Ascent #2-5, Singapore 118222
Access: 2 minutes from Kent Ridge MRT Station

June 5, 2017

The "TravelDoor for Business" site has been redesigned.

The "TravelDoor for Business" site has been redesigned!

Business site: TravelDoor for Business

About "TravelDoor for Business"
Our service utilizes our original app “TravelDoor”’s technology, which consolidates necessary information and services needed for travelling, into a simple and easy-to-use format for corporations. We aim to develop a white label app and website that combines necessary technology, contents, and analysis, as well as providing marketing system in the lowest price and shortest time possible.

April 1, 2017

New partnership with Shobunsha Publications, Inc.(Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) in Japan.

LCO-Creation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Shobunsha Publications, Inc.(Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).

August 18, 2016

TravelDoor Japan Press Release

TravelDoor Japan by LCO-Creation

LCO-Creation announces the launch of an all-new, free Japan mobile travel guide app today.

LCO-Creation, the creators of TravelDoor - the leading offline travel guide mobile application for Japanese travellers, is pleased to announce the launch of TravelDoor Japan.

With a record 19.7 million travellers visiting Japan in 2015 (an increase of 47.3 percent from 2014), TravelDoor Japan is the perfect mobile pocket travel companion when on the road or whilst planning a trip to Japan. Yuki Hiraki, CEO of LCO-Creation Singapore Pte. Ltd., commented, “We saw an opportunity in the market with the rapid rise of inbound visitors to Japan. With the Japanese government targeting up to 40 million visitors in 2020, TravelDoor Japan provides intuitive locally-curated mobile content to deliver the best possible user experience to the visitor.”

TravelDoor Japan is easy-to-use and meets the needs and expectations of travelers in 2016 and beyond. TravelDoor Japan contains expert traveller content and is curated and optimized to provide the best possible on-the-ground experience.

TravelDoor Japan enables travelers to:
- Navigate with simple to use offline maps
- Bookmark places of interest
- Articles about Japanese food, culture, nature, hotspring and more
- Find the perfect activity to explore Japan
- Travel confidently with essential tips such as city highlights and details on where to visit

TravelDoor Japan includes 275 extensive city travel guides across Japan and includes information on over 2,600 tourist attractions across all 47 Japanese prefectures. In conjunction with Digital Garage, Inc. (*1) and F-ness Corporation (*2), the content is licensed from Japan Hoppers, an online Japan Travel Guide operated by Travel Vision Inc. (a F-ness Corporation company).

Each city guide includes full offline maps for route search and navigation. TravelDoor Japan includes lifestyle articles on Japanese food, culture and nature to help users immerse with locals. Users have access to many points of interest per city and individual city guides, which include sights and highlights. TravelDoor Japan is a trustworthy travel companion that will help users make the most of their time in the land of the rising sun.

LCO-Creation’s offline mapping technology is included in all city guides to enable users to navigate around the country with easy, without the need for mobile data or Wi-Fi network access. This is done using the phones in-build GPS to activate directions from current location to preferred destination. The offline route navigation is available for directions by both foot and car.

TravelDoor Japan will be available in maximum 14 different languages including English. TravelDoor Japan is available immediately to download from Google Play Store, and will be available for iOS later this year.

(*1) Digital Garage, Inc. (President and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi)
Digital Garage (“DG”) focuses mainly on 3 business domains: startup incubation, marketing and promotion, and online payment businesses. In the field of digital marketing, DG provides a variety of solutions for activating and monetizing the usage of credit cards and e-money to its client loyalty/mileage programs. By taking advantage of its expertise nurtured over the years on promotion based card usage in Japan and its global network, DG is currently supporting a wide range of marketing activities for client loyalty programs on a global scale. DG is an investor of LCO-Creation.

(*2) F-ness Corporation (President & CEO: Naoki Okada)
The central business of F-ness & ASSOCIATES is travel, around which the company has built up wide areas of business. These include: providing businesses in the travel industry the ingredients for travel such as international airline tickets and hotel reservations and the financial support for those elements; inbound-promoting media operations oriented at foreigners visiting Japan; and consulting for inbound marketing oriented at municipalities and private sector business.

Application name:
TravelDoor Japan

English. (version 1)
Maximum 14 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian).

Android (version 4.4 and above)

Technology powered by LCO-Creation Singapore Pte Ltd. Content licensed from Japan Hoppers (Travel Vision Inc.).

About LCO-Creation Singapore Pte Ltd:
LCO-Creation is a leading mobile solutions provider for the travel industry based in Singapore. Founded in 2012, LCO-Creation released TravelDoor, the number 1 travel app for Japanese travellers containing rich travel guides for over 50 destinations around the world. LCO-Creation’s vision is to create mobile solutions that give users “Life Changing Opportunities” by transforming their travel experiences.

Contact information:

Ms. Saki Kobayashi, COO & Co-founder, LCO-Creation Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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