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"Creating life changing opportunities"

To create "life-changing opportunities" for people and societies
worldwide and to co-create a platform to put this into practice.


We are a Singapore-based Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) company and the creator of TravelDoor - one of the leading travel apps for Japanese tourists that contains offline city guides for over 50 cities around the world. Utilizing this technology, we provide in-destination mobile and big data solution “TravelDoor for Business” to B2B clients across the globe including tourism boards, airlines, hotels, publishers, and financial service institutions.

About LCO

LCO is a mobile and big data technology company established in August 2012. It is funded by TechCube8 and Singapore’s NRF (National Research Foundation). Based in Singapore’s startup hub One-North, we are expanding our business in the Asian market, primarily focusing on Japan.

Product / Technology

LCO provides mobile and backend solutions (MBaaS) for businesses. As an MBaaS provider, we help clients in the areas of geolocation technology, big data analysis, offline map and navigation technology, among others. Our showcase app “TravelDoor”, an offline mobile app that provides travelers with useful information and services while traveling overseas, offers clients a preview of our comprehensive B2B solutions.

Global Partners

Together with partners worldwide, LCO aims to provide solutions to transform outbound and inbound travel experiences. LCO has successfully strengthened its position in the Japanese market through strategic partnerships with public listed companies in Japan. LCO also offers a co-branded app with Skyscanner, one of the leading global travel search sites.

Our Team and Locations

LCO’s core members are a group of diverse individuals who come from various business backgrounds; they include former engineers at large corporations including NTT Communications, DeNA and Baidu, as well as a former startup CTO. Our curiosity makes us strive to think of new techniques and create new business opportunities. We operate in 4 locations: Singapore headquarters, Taiyuan/ China (Development), Ho Chi Minh/ Vietnam (Development), and Tokyo/ Japan.


Management Team

Yuki Hiraki

Co-founder & CEO

Prior to co-founding LCO, Yuki was a project manager at NTT Communications. Before joining NTT, he was a researcher of a program that aimed to optimize solar power generation which was backed by Ministry of Education. Yuki holds a master's degree in Science and Engineering from Chuo University in Japan.

Saki Kobayashi

Co-founder & COO

Prior to co-founding LCO, Saki helped with the overseas expansion at NTT Communications. Before joining NTT, she led global partnership development at a consulting firm specializing in BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) and emerging markets. She also founded a water and sanitation organization for villages in Cambodia. Saki holds a bachelor's degree in Internatinal Relations from Waseda Univrsity in Japan.

Li Yang


Yang leads technical development centers in Singapore, China and Vietnam. Prior to joining LCO, he was a software engineer at Baidu, and was part of the development team of Baidu’s popular Japanese keyboard app “Simeji.” Yang’s field of expertise includes AI technology. He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Keio University in Japan.

Mobile and Backend Solutions For Travel Industries

~From mobile development and big data analysis to monetization scheme~


We provide our channels/contents/engineering techniques to corporates as a part of our OEM business. We mainly propose the OEM business partnership to local tour agents and publishing companies.

<Example 1>
You can offer loyalty programs and customer support services through a fully rebranded travel app that is under your company’s name. By providing your customers with an informative and convenient travel app, you can further encourage your customers to use your bank’s credit cards while traveling overseas. You can also generate revenue by combining travel search engines with basic travel content.

<Example 2>
By creating an offline travel app under your own brand name, you will be able to utilize content and travel information to its fullest potential. Our white label app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Users can access your content and can even use maps and navigation without any network connection. Furthermore, in order to gain more exposure, you can choose to display your content on other white label apps via user sharing. This way, you can promote your destination without extra marketing costs.

There are qualifications to be met for OEM partnership.
For more information, please contact


An offline travel app which brings you life changing opportunities.


LCO’s mobile app “Travel Door” helps travelers gather local travel information and enables them to navigate themselves around the city without having to access the internet. We also offer coupons, tour packages, and other helpful features for travelers. Our app has been widely recognized as a useful tool for travelers. We are also currently developing additional features such as a concierge service and loyalty system.

Download App

Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Latest News

What's happening with us

June 4, 2018

LCO-Creation launches new AI solutions for Businesses.

LCO-Creation is pleased to announce the launch of the new Artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant solutions for OEM clients.

Main features:
- automatically corresponds with users regarding their travel questions and concerns (questions on travel destinations, recommendations on places to visit etc.)
- trip planning capability tailored to each user
- multilingual function (available in English and Chinese)

This personal assistant function can be integrated to our OEM mobile/ backend solutions as an add-on service. By utilizing our big data solutions and making use of client’s existing data, we will provide clients with a unique AI approach.

For more details, please get in touch with our Service Operation Team at

January 4, 2018

Opening of Tokyo Office

LCO is pleased to announce that our Tokyo office is now open. Headquartered in Singapore, LCO currently has its presence in Vietnam and China. While these two locations focus on technical development, Tokyo office will be providing technical support to our clients in Japan.

6F BIZSMART Kayabacho, 1-3-21, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0033, Japan

Thank you for your continuous support.

October 19, 2017

Our Co-founder & COO, Saki Kobayashi, will be speaking at Millennial 20/20 Summits

Our Co-founder & COO, Saki Kobayashi, will be speaking at the upcoming Millennial 20/20 Summits@Singapore (25th October – 26th October 2017, Singapore). She will be moderating a panel discussion on the future of marketing in the Travel & Hospitality industry.

 ●1st Session Date/ Time: Wednesday, 25th October 11:00am - 11:30am
 ●Venue: ArtScience Museum, Singapore
 ●Millennial 20/20 Summits: Official Site
  Blurring of the lines and what this means for the travel industry.

  For some time, technology has provided consumers with greater choice, certainty and value for money through a wider variety of OTA's, Metasearch Engines and an increasing number of information platforms such as Trip Advisor and Google. More recently, there has been blurring of the lines with Metasearch engines being acquired by OTAs such as CTrip's recent acquisition of SkyScanner and meta players building their own booking capabilities. This session will take a look at how travel and hospitality businesses can stay at the forefront of their customer's mind and encourage more direct connections through loyalty programmes and better value propositions.

   TRIPADVISOR, Aaron Hung , Senior Director of Partnerships APAC
   SKYSCANNER , Yara Paoli , Vice President of Growth
   KAYAK , Amy Wei , Senior Director - APAC
  Moderated By:
   LCO-CREATION, Saki Kobayashi , Co-Founder & COO (Travel Door)

 ●2nd Session Date/ Time: Thursday, 26th October 11:00am - 11:30am
 ●Venue: ArtScience Museum, Singapore
 ●Millennial 20/20 Summits:
Official Site
  From data to delight. Creating those special moments your customers never forget

  It's no longer just good enough to give rooms for rooms and flights for flights. Reward systems have to  change and experience is the future! Travel and hospitality brands can win in Asia’s changing loyalty  landscape by using data to create more personalized, “premium-ized” experiences for travelers. Often in the service industry, frontline staff deliver these next-generation loyalty experiences. It’s the experience on the ground that truly makes or breaks a traveler’s intention to recommend a brand and be loyal for future trips.

   TAUZIA HOTELS, Irene Janti , Chief of Marketing
   SAUDIA AIRLINES, Azman B. Ahmad , GM Product Management
   NOK AIRLINES PLC, Dr Narudh Cheramakara , Director of Market Development
  Moderated By:
   LCO-CREATION, Saki Kobayashi , Co-Founder & COO (Travel Door)

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