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We are a Singapore-based Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) company and the creator of TravelDoor - one of the leading travel apps for Japanese tourists that contains offline city guides for over 50 cities worldwide. Utilizing this technology, we offer OEM mobile apps and Big Data solutions to enterprises including tourism boards, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), financial services institutions (credit card companies/ banks), airlines and publishers.

About LCO

Founded by two Japanese entrepreneurs in August 2012, LCO is a technology company specializing in B2B mobile and big data solutions. The company received investment from Singapore’s NRF (National Research Foundation) and a Singapore-based VC in 2012. In 2015, LCO received a strategic investment from a Japanese public listed company. Focusing on MBaas solutions, LCO has been expanding its business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Product / Technology

LCO provides mobile and backend solutions (MBaaS) for enterprises. As an MBaaS provider, our technology covers a wide range of solutions such as geolocation technology, big data analysis, offline map and navigation technology, among others. Our showcase product “TravelDoor”, an offline mobile app that provides travelers with useful in-destination content and services, offers clients a preview of our comprehensive B2B solutions.

Global Partners

Since its inception, LCO has been providing innovative technologies to transform travelers' experiences. LCO has successfully strengthened its position in Asia through strategic partnerships with public listed companies in Japan. LCO also work with partners and clients in the ASEAN region and Europe.

Our Team and Locations

LCO’s core members are a group of diverse individuals from various business and engineering backgrounds; former engineers at multinational corporations such as Baidu, ST Electronics, and Fujitsu, as well as a former startup CTO, to name a few. It is this unique mix of talent and expertise that drive our innovations. We operate in four locations: Singapore headquarters, Taiyuan/ China (Development), Ho Chi Minh/ Vietnam (Development), and Tokyo/ Japan.


Management Team

Yuki Hiraki

Co-founder & CEO

Prior to co-founding LCO, Yuki was a project manager at NTT Communications where he led VPN development projects for multinational corporations. Before joining NTT, he was a research member of Japan's Smart City Initiative (solar power optimization) backed by the Ministry of Education. Yuki has been named a member of SBF Young Business Leaders Network. He holds a master's degree in Science and Engineering from Chuo University in Japan.

Saki Kobayashi

Co-founder & COO

Prior to co-founding LCO, Saki helped with the overseas expansion at NTT Communications. Before joining NTT, she led global partnership development at a consulting firm specializing in BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) and emerging markets. She also founded a water and sanitation organization for villages in Cambodia. Saki has been named a member of SBF Young Business Leaders Network. She holds a bachelor's degree in School of International Liberal Studies from Waseda University in Japan.

Li Yang


A former Baidu engineer, Yang led various AI projects in Beijing and Shenzhen. He was also a development manager for Baidu’s popular Japanese keyboard app “Simeji.” After joining LCO as a full-stack engineer, Yang now leads and manages development teams in China and Vietnam. He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Keio University in Japan.

Mobile and Backend Solutions For Travel Industries

~Our all-in-one enterprise solution includes mobile applications, CMS integration, Big Data analytics, content creation & management, and data-driven marketing~


Leveraging our strengths in mobile & backend technology, high-quality content as well as distribution channels, our list of enterprise OEM solutions is extensive. Over the past years, we have worked with a wide array of clients including credit card companies, airlines, tourism boards, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), publishers, and hotels & resorts.

<Example 1>
- Clients: Financial services institutions (banks/ credit card issuers)
- Needs: Boosting overseas credit card usage by outbound travelers

By creating a custom mobile travel app under your corporate brand, LCO enables you to reach out directly to credit card holders. You will have the flexibility to manage your travel content as well as credit card offerings through our easy-to-navigate cloud-based CMS. With functions such as loyalty programs and customer care services incorporated into the app, your team can maximize customers' overseas spending. Additionally, you can collect user and geolocation data to track and analyze “in-destination” travel patterns and spending habits. These real customer data will help you send targeted push notifications and geofencing alerts to increase user engagement.

<Example 2>
- Clients: Tourism Boards/ Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)
- Needs: Increase inbound visitors

Tourism Boards and DMOs in various regions are using LCO's offline in-destination mobile app as well as cloud-based backend system. Through a custom branded offline travel app, you can utilize your travel content and time-sensitive event information to its fullest potential. One of the key features you can benefit from is our comprehensive heatmap where app users’ travel patterns are mapped out and visualized. With the help of LCO’s Big Data Analytics, your organization will be able to keep up with the ever-changing trends and strategize when to launch seasonal campaigns, send personalized notifications/ geo-fencing alerts, and select partnering restaurants and shops from emerging hotspots.

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TravelDoor -Demo Application for Clients-

An offline travel app which brings you life changing opportunities.

LCO’s mobile app “Travel Door” helps travelers gather local travel information and enables them to navigate themselves around the city without having to access the internet. We also offer coupons, tour packages, and other helpful features for travelers. Our app has been widely recognized as a useful tool for travelers. We are also currently developing additional features such as a concierge service and loyalty system.

Latest News

What's happening with us

January 23, 2020

Mentor for APT Women (Acceleration Program in Tokyo for Women), Singapore Dispatch Program

We are pleased to announce that our co-founder & COO, Saki Kobayashi, has been selected and served as a mentor for the Singapore Dispatch Program of APT Women (Acceleration Program in Tokyo for Women) organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd. The closed-door pitch was organized by Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a national private sector-led organization to drive entrepreneurship and innovation in Singapore. LCO will continue to be committed to empowering female entrepreneurs and women-led startups.

【Overseas Dispatch Program of Acceleration Program in Tokyo for Women】
In the overseas dispatch program, about half of the program participants will be selected by the overseas dispatch selection committee. These selected entrepreneurs will be sent abroad for a period of about 10 days, where they will engage in a program aimed to create their first foothold for overseas business expansion. For the dispatched participants, the program will provide tailored on-site programs and necessary individual support.
As part of the on-site program, and through the cooperation of local supporters such as accelerators, academic institutions, local experts, venture capitals, public institutions, and other partner organizations, the participants will take part in pitch events aimed at raising their international profile and networking events to build connections with potential business partners, VCs, and fellow entrepreneurs. In addition, the program prepares the participants with necessary information and contacts regarding legal and administrative support. Each overseas dispatch program will partner with institutions distinct and relevant to the startup community in that region.
As individual support, the program will offer support prior and during the overseas dispatch based on the goals of each entrepreneur, whether it may be market research, search for business partners, organizing appointment itineraries or support in business negotiations. Although in principle the appointment schedules shall be made by the participant herself, the program members will provide advice and suggestions when necessary to identify promising business partners, arranging appointments, clarifying goals and strategies, and providing language support.

APT Woman:Official Site

November 4, 2019

Judge at a startup business model contest organized by Nanyang Technology University (NTU)

We are pleased to announce that our co-founder & COO, Saki Kobayashi, has participated as a judge in a startup business model contest organized by Nanyang Technology University (NTU) for the second consecutive year.

Ranked 11th in the world and 1st in Asia in the 2020 QS World University Rankings, NTU has been a key player in building and growing a startup ecosystem in Singapore and Asia. LCO will continue to be committed to supporting a startup ecosystem in Singapore and the rest of the Asia region.

Nanyang Technology University:Official Site

October 18, 2019

Our Co-founder, Saki Kobayashi, has moderated at the FUTR ASIA Summit

Our Co-founder, Saki Kobayashi, has moderated two panels on the future of CX&LOYALTY and MOBILE&SOCIAL at the FUTR ASIA Summit 2019 (16th October – 17th October 2019, Singapore).

FUTR ASIA Summit: Official Site

[1st Session]
Technology, brand management & infrastructure in CX. Matching physical & digital experiences

Online to offline customer experiences & expectations, are all about making them seamless and in synergy, so what tools for measurement like customer journey mapping are of best use today? How can technology be used as an enabler to improve CX? Brand alignment and channels working in unison with CX is critical but how is this implimented in terms of infrastructure? Caring for the customer is always first.

AXA CHINA & HONG KONG, Sudesh Thevasenabathy, Head of Customer Care Management
MOENGAGE , Kshitij Hastu, Head of Growth (SEA)
NTUC LINK, Sisir Mohapatra , Head - Business Operations & Consumer / Partner Services
Moderated By:
LCO-CREATION SINGAPORE, Saki Kobayashi, Co-founder & COO

[2nd Session]
The continuing importance of multichannel social, video & voice. Underestimate at your peril.

Mobile is by far today (and for the immediate future) the most important channel when it comes to reaching and getting closer to the connected consumer any time of day. Voice is beginning to take a larger role in the marketing mix and the importance of video just continues to rise. What social marketing tools, strategies and channels are key to gaining consumers attention? How will we search in 2020 & beyond (voice or visual anyone)? What AI-based solutions can help capture, learn, blend and create actionable insights on mobile and social channels to convert data into sales conversions? How can you engage customers throughout the entire journey, from research to payment and develop customer loyalty?

TELSTRA, Todd Bates, Head of International Marketing
INDO+SUISSE GROUP, Gen Lehn, Regional Director of Business
PFIZER UPJOHN, Nicolas Bargas, ASEAN Omni-Channel Lead
PARK HOTEL GROUP, Tan Shin Hui, Executive Director
Moderated By:
LCO-CREATION SINGAPORE, Saki Kobayashi, Co-founder & COO

September 13, 2019

Custom AI solutions for enterprises (OEMs) now available

LCO-Creation is pleased to announce that a series of custom Artificial Intelligence (AI) models are now available for OEM clients. While our existing AI solution utilizes internal data sets, by integrating correlated external data sources, our new AI models will be customized according to clients' needs. Please note that this premium feature is only available to clients subscribing to LCO-Creation's OEM applications or data analytics solutions.

For more details, please get in touch with our Service Operation Team at 

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